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Superstar enzyme 5-ALA

The Amazing Benefits of enzyme 5-ALA

Sep 17, 2023


Koso Med

March 2021 marks the one year anniversary since the entire world came to a screeching halt because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools, restaurants, offices and many other establishments have closed or maintained strict, government-mandated health protocols. Among these are wearing masks in public, health declaration forms, limited travel and many more in an effort to end the transmission of the virus. In compliance with these health protocols, the market has seen an increase in sales of hygiene essentials like masks, rubbing alcohol, toilet paper, disinfectant sprays and many others. 

Some opportunistic corporations have capitalized on the ambiguity of COVID-19, especially during its onset when even the highest health organizations often changed their standpoints as new information emerged regarding the new virus. Products like plastic face shields, UV lamps and air purifier necklaces are just some of the fads that were marketed to take advantage of misinformed citizens who simply seek an added layer of health and safety during the pandemic. The growing sales of these fads is proof that many citizens are unfortunately looking at the wrong places in terms of health and COVID prevention. Many of us don’t realize that we need not to look further from what we already have: our human bodies and its immune system. 

A growing body of research suggests that a naturally occurring enzyme found in our bodies, plants and animals called 5-Aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) is beneficial against COVID-19. Simply put, it works by acting as an ATP production promoter, mitochondrial activity promoter and immunostimulant. 5-ALA supports the mitochondria in metabolizing sugars and lipids, producing ATP which is vital in increasing cell energy and thus activating the immune system. Researchers from Nagasaki University found that cells treated with 5-ALA 72 hours before infection of the SARS-CoV-2 actually prevented infection. Apart from COVID-19, recent studies also suggest 5-ALA as having antiviral properties against other viruses such as dengue virus, Zika virus, and SARS-CoV-2. 

5-ALA has a myriad of other benefits. The human metabolism deteriorates with age, along with ATP production efficiency, causing fatigue and in the long term, aging. By promoting mitochondrial function, 5-ALA ensures the optimal health of the body and may be able to prevent various diseases caused by functional deterioration associated with aging such as dementia. Because 5-ALA enhances aerobic energy metabolism, it has been used for metabolic improvement in diabetes. 

With all the wonderful benefits of 5-ALA, we are prompted to ask: How do we incorporate 5- ALA into our diets? The answer is fermented food. 5-ALA is present in all fruits, herbs and vegetables, therefore fermenting these produce extracts the 5-ALA which can then be readily consumed. Not only does fermentation extract 5-ALA from produce, it also serves as a predigest that allows the body to better absorb the nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and all the good stuff vital for optimal health. 

Wide access to 5-ALA means consuming more fermented produce, and Koso Med has just the exact product for that: Bio Power 88. Formulated with 88 fruits, herbs and vegetables, Bio Power 88 uses 52 strains of friendly soil bacteria native only to Japan to naturally ferment the fresh produce. Koso Med specializes in this centuries-old, Japanese fermentation technique that takes over a year to ensure proper cultivation of natural enzymes, amino acids like 5-ALA, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. This method does not use heat and artificial preservatives that negatively affect the quality of the product. 

The benefits of 5-ALA are at our fingertips thanks to Bio Power 88. Even as vaccines roll out, it is important that we continue to protect our health by strengthening our immune system and other bodily functions. COVID-19 exposed the many vulnerabilities of the human body, and because of the continuous degradation of the environment, evidence already suggests that COVID-19 is only the beginning. Humans must adapt by staying safe and healthy from now on. 

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