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Sep 13, 2023


Koso Med

Taking care of our health is always a difficult feat. These days, our lifestyles are dictated by our jobs, school and other activities. Life has become so fast-paced that it’s easy to neglect taking care of ourselves regarding what we put in our bodies. The convenience, affordability and taste of junk food marketed to us by corporations doesn’t make it any easier. The faster your food comes out of that counter, the more time you’ll have for other things. “Quick and easy”, “Instant”, “Microwavable”. These are the words most of us look for when we’re grocery shopping. It’s not the ingredient list nor the nutrition facts, but the ease with which we’ll have food on our tables that draws a lot of us modern citizens to purchase what we eat. It is made even more difficult when our attempts at healthy diets fall short at providing our body the nutrition it needs--which, as you’ll later discover, is a bigger problem beyond our individual choices. 

The human population steadily grows as the earth’s finite resources deplete, so feeding the world has become a challenge. The fast growth is the main target to get more harvest and higher profit. The products never ever have enough time to grow and get mature. Modern agriculture has, for many decades, been the answer to this problem, however, industry practices such as tilling, spraying of pesticides, preservatives and other harmful chemicals have stripped the earth’s soil off its nutrient-giving microbes. Not only do these chemicals nutritionally devalue our food, they have been found to cause cancers and genetic disorders. As a result, our bodies are deteriorating at a faster pace. A few years ago, people’s bodies started to weaken in their 40s. In a few years, people’s bodies will weaken as early as in their 20s. 

Basically, a lot of the food we buy at the supermarket are processed--products of massproduced, industrial agriculture. So there lies the problem: the foods we eat don't give our bodies the nutrition it needs, and we don’t even notice it. Sure, these foods create the energy we need to last the day, but we don’t get the necessary vitamins and nutrients essential to enriching our bodies as we age. Processed foods are made to taste and look better and to last in our refrigerators longer. Because there are less nutrient-giving microbes in our soil, plants, then eventually, humans, also have less of these to absorb. 

Processed foods are unnatural, devoid of essential nutrients and one of the most important contributors to health: enzymes. A lot of us don’t think of enzymes when talking about health. Despite a lack of awareness about the importance of enzymes, these biochemical catalysts are our bodies’ greatest weapons against diseases and deterioration. Enzymes speed up essential bodily processes and unlock minerals and other functions. Enzymes are particularly hard to come by because their components must pair specifically in order for them to unlock the minerals and other bodily functions. 

Another problem with processed foods is that enzymes from raw, fresh foods die as they get processed. The raw ingredients needed to make, let’s say, ketchup, already have low nutritional value to begin with. Tomatoes from the good earth--originally full of enzymes, lose their nutritional value and enzymes as they undergo the many processes required to make ketchup. 

To make matters worse, synthetic forms of nutrition, coloring and preservatives further degrade the quality of the food, leaving almost no value adding nutrition. Our bodies don’t digest synthetic materials. Even if we consume large volumes of food, our bodies just eliminate these synthetic materials. This is one of the main reasons many humans are overfed but still undernourished. 

It has been found that we need to consume a huge number of fruits and vegetables to actually achieve the optimal healthy diet. Even when we think we’re getting good stuff from eating salads for all our meals, it is simply not enough, nor is it possible to attain the prescribed amount of vitamins, nutrients and enzymes needed by our bodies. The combined nutrient deficiency and exposure to harmful, disease-causing chemicals is the overarching health problem we humans face. Luckily, with the natural supplement Bio Power 88, you’ll get the nutritional value of 88 different fruits, herbs and vegetables in one tablet. Bio Power 88 uses the natural goodness of these ingredients, with no preservatives, chemicals, coloring and additives. 

This is made possible by a 100 year old Japanese fermentation method that extracts the natural enzymes, amino acids, nutrition, vitamins, minerals and probiotics from the gourmet fruits and vegetables ingredients and preserves them, offering a wide array of benefits to the body. To ensure the quality of the raw ingredients, the manufacturers organically grow them close to the factory. As soon as produce is picked from the ground, it starts to lose its nutritional value. The farm and factory being close to each other eliminates the time spent on transporting raw produce and ensures that they retain their natural goodness. The fermentation process preserves these important nutrients using only friendly bacteria derived from the good earth. Not only are friendly soil bacterias used in preservation, they are found to improve the immune system, lower viral infection risk, skin health, and healthy ageing. 

Nothing good comes easy, and that’s especially true with Bio Power 88. The fermentation process takes 18 months to naturally extract active enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics, & probiotics without using heat and adding synthetic chemicals. If you care about your health and your loved ones’, Bio Power 88 is the best, most practical way to achieve overall health. You’re getting the goodness of 88 herbs, fruits and veggies without having to consume the impossible prescribed amounts. Bio Power 88 is a supplement, like a big bowl of salad, that will fill the gaps our modern lifestyles leave by providing our bodies the overall nutrition it needs to prevent lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and many more. 

The inconspicuous devaluation of our foods is something we have little to no control over. As individuals, however, we can make the adjustments in our lifestyles to better cater to our health. Awareness of these realities entail making better choices for yourself and your family. 


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