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Made in Japan, beneficial to all.

About Koso Med

The founder of Koso Med, Takashi Kondo, is an expert and author of “Friendly Soil Bacteria Fermentation and Why It’s Good for Your Health."

Koso Med Health Food Products are based on a century-old Traditional Handmade Fermentation Science and on “KOSO” (Japanese), which represent our 52 friendly bacteria and are only harvested in Japan. All our fruits, vegetables, and edible herbs are grown organically on our farms in Japan. Our one-year-plus patented fermentation process ensures not only natural preservation but also keeps the products “FARM FRESH.” Without the use of any chemical alterations or the use of synthetic substances, the active enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics are delivered “ALIVE.” The immune system depends on these. Think about this: which would you prefer, an orange just harvested vs. a plastic bottle with white pills?
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Koso Meds founder
Koso Med fermentation process

In Japan, aging with bacterial fermentation has long been recognized as a health benefit of specialty foods and health products. It has been used for over a thousand years in Japan. Most people know products like tofu, natto, miso, and other fermented foods. However, fermented foods have been linked to the reason for Japanese people’s longest life span and health. Fermentation science employs a wide range of probiotics, prebiotics, & beneficial friendly bacteria. This has been at the forefront of many research and developments of our products. Our Science is founded upon on handmade procedures, making sure each step is handled properly without destroying the integrity of the product. With this methodology and science, we were able to patent many of our processes.

Koso Med Fermentation Process is based on 4 methods:

Koso Med one year plus fermentation process

Natural: We organically grow and select the optimal produce and herbs based on their nutritional and constituent value. Making sure we start with the highest-grade and real ingredients is key.

koso med cabbage farm

Highest sanitary
practices using Japanese
Agricultural Standards

Handmade: Our science is founded on a century-old HANDMADE fermentation process in Japan using the highest sanitary practices. This is patented and not trademarked. Fermentation allows the vital nutrients to be broken down into micronutrients for greater nutritional value. Fermentation pre-digests vital nutrients for you. Since fermentation is acid resistant, this will allow your body to quickly absorb (up to 90%) of the mega nutrients.

No Heat: Since we use no heat, all the live active enzymes, amino acids, phytonutrients, friendly bacteria, and nutrients are preserved.

Koso Med Japan factory
Koso Med Japan factory

One Year Fermentation: All our ingredients are made with our patented process and fermented for over one year using 52 micronutrients (friendly bacteria) harvested from soil microbes. This ensures that all the potential nutrients of the ingredients will be unlocked and the product can be aged and preserved properly. What are soil microbes? Read here