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Unleash Your Power with Krystal Maja

Power through with Krystal Maja

Sep 01, 2022


Koso Med

As we age, our bodies naturally deteriorate. This gradual weakening of the body has sped up over the years, and people in their mid-20s these days already experience various body pains. To alleviate the pain, we often turn to topical painkillers. For some, a visit to the masseuse, spa and sauna are their own ways of relieving their body aches. Genetics, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle are often linked to overall poor health. But of course, daily strenuous activities also play a huge role in the wear and tear of our bodies. These chronic body aches are inconvenient and affect the quality of life, and for those whose jobs require the strength and power of their bodies, it can literally cost them their livelihood. 

Not a lot of people know about the healing powers of silica, let alone black silica, the main ingredient of Koso Med’s Krystal Maja. Commonly used by chiropractors, Krystal Maja is a recovery cream that provides an array of benefits such as improving blood and lymph circulation, electromagnetic waves repellant, instant relief to damaged nerves, joints, and muscles and reenergizing cells. Altogether, these benefits can save you from unproductive and inconvenienced days. 

The Magical Powers of Black Silica

The use of black silica as a natural remedy for injury treatment and pain killer dates back to many generations from Japanese indigenous groups who first inhabited Hokkaido. Black silica can only be extracted from the mountains at the upper stream of “ Amano-kawa river” in Hiyama-county in Hokkaido prefecture. Its energizing properties are credited to the millions of years of accumulation of compressed minerals from the bottom of the sea and volcanic eruptions that brought it up to the surface. 

So how exactly does black silica deliver these wonderful health benefits? The accumulated minerals resulted in a high concentration of natural minerals in the black silica that create far-infrared rays and negative ions. Far-infrared radiation warms the body to the core, while negative ions provide healing effects and improve immunity. Both far-infrared radiation and negative ions penetrate to the core of the human bone and then bounce back, leaving the body with energy, making cells active, speeding up metabolism, improving the blood and lymph circulation and helping the elimination of waste. Black silica rocks have also been found to contain magnetic iron ore that emits magnetic energy and is observed to remove odour and absorb toxins. Moreover, the carbon and magnetite function of black silica absorbs electromagnetic waves emitted by computers, smartphones and other gadgets. This proves especially important these days, as our world is continuously technologically advancing. 

Better Skin with Black Silica

Apart from the pain relieving benefits of black silica, it is also found to be extremely beneficial to the skin. Why? Because it has a tremendous impact on skin regeneration, promoting younger, healthier skin. Black silica also “creates bonds between protein molecules, which are responsible for the skin’s natural ability to retain water, critical for repair and cell renewal.” Furthermore, black silica is required for reconditioning collagen, which is necessary for keeping our skin, hair, nails and teeth strong and healthy. For those with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, black silica is a natural anti-inflammatory that can relieve flare ups. 

Powerful Ingredients make a Powerful Product

More than black silica, the formulation of Koso Med’s Krystal Maja also includes tourmaline crystals, volcanic minerals, and a special blend of 40 herbal ingredients. Tourmaline crystals serve as another energy source by emitting negative ions which provide relaxation to our body and mind, as well as create infrared and scalar energy that can mildly stimulate and detoxify the body. The volcanic minerals in Krystal Maja are sourced from Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan and provide more oxygen and are easily absorbed by the skin. Altogether, these components penetrate the body, into the lymph nodes and release toxins, which instantly refreshes the body. The healing and reenergizing properties of Krystal Maja causes muscles to pump up, making it a chiropractor’s best companion. Koso Med derives this powerful combination 100% naturally with their patented technology. 

With the wide array of benefits like skin healing, pain relieving and immunity strengthening, Krystal Maja is more than a beauty product. It’s a natural and wonderful combination of nature’s gifts that help heal our bodies. 


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