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Sep 01, 2022


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The Timeless Allure of Aloe Vera: Exploring its Rich History, Beauty Benefits, and the Commercial Onslaught

Aloe vera has long been known for its array of health, beauty and medicinal benefits. For centuries, aloe vera has been used in different cultures, and is widely available in the dry regions of Europe, Asia, Africa and America. For beauty enthusiasts, aloe vera is a sought after ingredient in skincare because of its moisturizing, anti-aging, antiseptic and healing properties. Though it has been quite a commonly used plant, its popularity further rose in the late 2010s as many brands release their own line of aloe vera gels sold in tubs. Aloe Vera gels were in the forefront as Korean skincare gained traction in the beauty market. With this sudden rise to popularity, Aloe Vera gels became more available and cheaper. In such a case, we question the quality and effectiveness of these commercial, mass-produced beauty products. 

Aloe Vera and its Amazing Components

Aloe Vera contains a myriad of active properties. Among these are vitamins A, C and E which are antioxidants. It also boasts enzymes that help reduce excessive inflammation when topically applied to skin, minerals, and polysaccharides that serve as an anti-inflammatory and promotes the skin’s cellular recovery. Moreover, it contains fatty acids that are antiseptic, hormones that promote wound healing and lignin, an organic component in the cell walls of plants that enhances the penetrative effect of the other ingredients into the skin. 

Not all Aloe Vera are made equal

With an incredible lineup of components, it is no question that Aloe Vera is a star ingredient in skincare. However, not all Aloe Vera are made equal. Like all good things, the aloe vera plant takes its time (at least 5 years) in growing and cultivating its best components from the soil it grows on. The quality of the aloe vera plant itself directly affects the effectiveness of the products in which it is contained. Commercially grown Aloe Vera are usually planted in deserts and are harvested in as early as 60 days. For such a short amount of time, we can only wonder how much of its beneficial components have actually developed in the plant. Most likely, the amount and quality of the good stuff within the aloe vera plant would be reduced. This means that within the common tub of aloe vera gel, you are getting less of what could have been the best attributes of your beauty product. 

Furthermore, many commercially grown aloe vera plants are usually cut by machines, ignoring the fact that aloe vera contains a few icky stuff: aloin and citric acid, both of which can potentially harm the skin. Aloin is a yellow substance found between the outer leaf of the aloe plant and the gooey stuff inside, that can burn and irritate the skin. Citric acid, when used in the wrong way can also be a skin irritant. Cutting the aloe vera leaf too close to the skin will keep these unwanted components within the gooey stuff which is the most important part of the plant. Mechanically cutting aloe vera leaves retains citric acid and aloin because machines often cut too close to the skin. The best way to remove these harmful components is by carefully washing and cutting the plants by hand. 

Find the best Aloe Vera

Luckily, Koso Med has created Essence Facial Gel, a deeply moisturizing and skin saving product that maintains the integrity of the aloe vera plant, giving you the most out of the wonderful benefits of aloe vera. Essence Facial Gel is formulated with the highest grade fermented botanicals with collagen. Unlike commercially grown aloe vera plants, Koso Med grows their aloe vera for more than 5 years in Okinawa, Japan, a place famous for rich soil that grows the most gourmet fruits in the world. This period allows the plant to fully develop and cultivate its best components from the soil it grows on. Koso Med’s aloe vera plants are harvested and transported fresh to their nearby factory and are carefully cut and washed by hand, ensuring the safety of the core ingredient of Essence Facial Gel.

Essence Facial Gel can be used to replace lotion and cream and can also be used around the eyes. Putting more of it on the face can make it act as a facial mask and doesn't need to be washed. The skin will absorb it quickly. Essence Facial Gel is safe for use by people of all ages and skin types. True to Koso Med’s philosophy, Essence Facial Gel is made through fermentation to allow the natural growth of enzymes, vitamins and all the good stuff you would want for your skin. Infused with nanotechnology, Essence Facial Gel delivers the ingredients to the skin fast and as deep as the 7th layer, optimizing the benefits of the potent botanicals. It has incredible healing and anti-inflammatory properties that make it the holy grail for persons experiencing skin issues like eczema, rosacea, burns and wounds. 

Though it can be used for many different purposes, Essence Facial Gel is a great moisturizer that will help you achieve supple and youthful skin. Formulated with collagen and glycerin, Essence Facial Gel targets textural irregularities and reduces the look of pores and discoloration. Collagen is naturally found in the body and mainly promotes skin elasticity and strength, but as we age, collagen depletes especially in women after menopause. Glycerin on the other hand keeps our skin hydrated by maintaining the water levels within the skin and ensuring a healthy moisture barrier. Together they make a powerful anti-aging duo that will keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Combining collagen, glycerin, fermented botanicals and nanotechnology, Koso Med’s Essence Facial Gel is made to heal, moisturize and give you younger looking healthy skin. 


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