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Protect your Heart with Tri Power - Koso Med

Protect your Heart with Tri Power - Koso Med

Sep 01, 2022


Koso Med

With the onslaught of COVID-19 sweeping the globe this year, many of us have taken the recommended precautions such as wearing face masks, social distancing and proper hygiene. The rising COVID-19 fatalities have surely impacted how we perceive our own and loved ones’ health. Trends in the growing number of cases have already revealed that those with pre-existing health conditions are the most at risk of severe illness from COVID-19. While it’s wise to be practicing safety measures against the virus, we may be overlooking one of the country’s most pressing health issues: heart disease.

Heart Disease is Killing More 

Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that heart disease is actually the leading cause of death for men, women and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Each year, over 655, 000 Americans die from heart disease and costs the country $219 billion in health care services, medicines and productivity loss. Coronary Artery Disease, the most common type of heart disease, affects adults as young as 20, with a total of 18.2 million affected by the disease. This just goes to show that we must pay attention to our heart health. COVID-19 isn’t the only sickness that can worsen due to heart disease, as many other illnesses such as cancers have heart disease as risk factors.

Lifestyle choices like smoking, excessive alcohol use, fatty diet and physical inactivity are just some of the common causes of high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol, which can eventually become more serious heart disease. Poor heart health is so widespread that in fact, some people don’t even know they’ve had a heart attack. The CDC also reports that over 800,000 Americans suffer from heart attacks each year, and 1 out of 5 of these are silent, wherein the damage is already done without the person’s awareness of it.

The facts don’t lie. Heart Disease and its underlying conditions are what’s killing Americans. In order to take care of our hearts, we must avoid these harmful lifestyle choices and be more mindful of what we do and put into our bodies. The heart is one of the body’s vital organs, pumping energy to all the other organs. It is the center of the circulatory system that transports nutrients, oxygen hormones and other essentials that ensure the proper functioning of the rest of our organs.

What are Beta Glucans?

Taking care of our heart entails proper nutrition and a health-conscious lifestyle. What our diets and activities lack in providing heart health can be made up for with the right supplements. One of the best ingredients for a healthy heart is Beta Glucan. Commonly found in cereals like barley, oats and in mushrooms like reishi and shiitake. Studies have shown that Beta Glucan can lower cholesterol as well as regulate blood sugar levels. Beta Glucan does this by slowing down the transmission of food in the intestines. When this happens, the body takes a longer time to digest food and absorb sugar, stabilizing blood sugar levels. Moreover, this soluble fiber travels through the digestive tract and carries cholesterol along with it, leading to lower cholesterol. 

The cell walls of Antler mushrooms are rich in Beta Glucans. Antler mushrooms are categorized under Reishi mushrooms. Japanese scientists have found that Antlers Mushrooms are the best among all the Reishi mushrooms, calling it, the “King of Reishi.” The Beta Glucans in Antler mushrooms are five times more present than in other kinds of Reishi. Tons of information shows that Beta Glucans are the super chargers of the immune system. Our macrophages, cells, and defense mechanisms devour the Beta Glucans and become the "Super Defense System" destroying the invaders of our body. It can also reduce radical cells, heal cardiovascular disease, fight atherosclerosis (clogged arteries) and reduce our risk of chronic oxidative stress.

Beta Glucan is the nutrition that supports the mushroom spores to reproduce more mushrooms. The mushroom needs to keep a large amount of Beta Glucans so as to create more spores. Unfortunately when the mushrooms’ hard head opens during the reproduction season, these valuable spores (loaded with Beta Glucan) are lost to Mother Nature. In the wild, you have to be careful in harvest to capture this tiny super treasure spore. This makes the ‘Whole Natural Beta Glucans’ more valuable.

Tri-Power, a heart health supplement by Koso Med is enriched with 300% more Beta Glucan and is mixed with a proprietary blend of organic herbs, fruits and vegetables. Koso Med uses Antler mushrooms that take three years to grow, giving it enough time to store enough nutrition to reproduce. Since the hard head of it will not open, the entire spore will be kept. Our patented technology is the most natural way to release the ‘Whole Nutrition’ inside the spore. Besides the high rate of Beta Glucans, higher absorption rate, we especially keep the ‘Families of Co-factors,’ that helps the product to work more efficiently.

Beta Glucans can stimulate macrophages into action, like a key fit into a lock. It activates the macrophage to do its job... clean up. Increased macrophage activity triggers a whole cascade of immune events, which improves natural host resistance. It also stimulates the production of immune cells. Our macrophages have unique antennas that warn them when invaders enter our bodies. To super charge these antennas polysaccharides are needed. These polysaccharides are in abundance in Aloe Vera. The actions required to make all this happen are enzymes. Therefore we have formulated Tri-Power to include Live Active Enzymes, Aloe Vera, and Antlers Mushrooms (300% more natural Glucans). These three partners work like the general (Live Active Enzymes) for command control, the soldier messengers (Aloe Vera) create the radars and the super food creates super killer soldiers. They create a perfect match to run the defense mechanism.

The Beta Glucans and the rest of the ingredients are fermented for 18 months to naturally extract active enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics, & probiotics without using heat and adding synthetic chemicals. The fermentation ensures the ease of absorption by the body of all the essential nutrients in Tri-Power. Without the use of heat and synthetic chemicals in the production process, Tri-power contains the healthful enzymes, vitamins and minerals that would have otherwise been killed by heat. 

Consuming the right food and nutrients and living a healthy lifestyle all contribute to better heart health. When the food we eat lacks the prescribed amounts of nutrition, our bodies start to malfunction. Providing our hearts with the Beta Glucans it needs is attainable through Tri-Power. In the long run, our hearts will be stronger and less at risk for many of the widespread diseases affecting our world today.


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