Help Others And Earn A Commission

Koso Med global affiliate program

Partner with Koso Med Global Ambassador Club

The program pays up to 30% commissions that will ensure your financial freedom, which makes this great for those who want to start their own home business.  

You will be provided special promotions, exclusive coupons, and much much more that you can share on your social media with friends and family.

Inside the Koso Med Global Ambassador Club we put you first, because everything you need to get started is already prepared for you.  You will find plenty of tools and resources at your disposal that can be used to share on your social media.  All you have to do is help others by spreading the good news about these beneficial products.

Koso Med Affiliate program

How Can I Use This Program As An Ambassador?

If you’re a blogger or social media ambassador who engages with a specific audience, consider partnering with Koso Med LLC and the products that would appeal to them.

For instance, if you are a food blogger or YouTube ambassador who creates recipe content, consider promoting the Koso Super Drink!  It is a health drink that uses organic produce that is naturally preserved through a century old Japanese fermentation process using 52 strains of soil bacteria native only to Japan.  That's just one example, by featuring our products in your content in exchange for commission for every product sold via your ambassador link. This will result in additional revenue for you when people in your audience make a purchase.

Koso Med affiliate program
Affiliate with koso med Health food

All our ingredients are made with our patented process and fermented for over one year using 52 micronutrients (friendly bacteria) harvested from soil microbes. This ensures that all the potential nutrients of the ingredients will be unlocked and the product can be aged and preserved properly. What are soil microbes? READ HERE 

Live Active Enzymes are how our products speed up the biochemical reaction in your body.

A live, active enzyme is a protein that speeds up a biochemical reaction in every living being. An enzyme acts as a catalyst for chemical reactions, converting a specific set of reactants (called substrates) into specific products. Without enzymes, life as we know it would not exist.  Koso Med Products are full of live and active enzymes. Through fermentation science, we have developed a proprietary live active enzyme formula based on the fermentation of only organically grown vegetables, herbs, and fruits of Japan. Guaranteeing the best absorption and delivery of vital nutrients to every cell of your body.

Affiliate with koso med
Koso Med Affiliate program

All You Need Are Connections

As a Koso Med global ambassador, you will be able to offer your audience a 10% discount through your personal link that will incentivize them to take advantage and order the products that they need.

Affiliate with koso med

Inside your ambassador dashboard you will have access to detailed product information, promotional materials, analytics, personal support, and much more. 

Through your own portal you will be able to setup how you wish to be paid.

Affiliate with koso med

You will receive up to 30% of their entire order which is a very good profit margin for you!  Also, if they don't order right away, that's ok because our tracking software will store recognize any traffic that comes from your ambassador link.  So you don't have to worry about keeping track of everything, making your life easier.

That means that you get the commission regardless if they buy now or later!  

Getting To Know The Ambassador Portal

When you first sign up we recommend you explore three important tabs that will help get you started quickly.  Click the Guide tab to read instructions and watch the walkthrough video.  If you have any questions, please reach out via email or chat bubble at the bottom right corner of your dashboard.  In the Settings tab you can update your personal details to let us know you better, especially in order to get paid, you're required to provide your payment details. Remember to click Save Changes to save your updates.

Koso Med affiliate program

From the Marketing Tools tab you can access a collection of media assets that we provide.  The shared promotional media can be viewed, copy/downloaded to share with your audience.  That includes images with link embedded codes, video links, or any other types of assets.  Please do not hesitate to contact support if you find yourself in the need of extra marketing materials or tools.

Start Sharing Your Link

Right when you log in at the top you will find the Dashboard where you can view the commission overview section and also it is where you'll find your default ambassador link which can be customized.  

Pro Tip: Normally the default ambassador link directs customers to the Koso Med website home page, however, you can totally choose to promote any specific product we have that you think would match your social network of followers.

Affiliate with koso med

Opportunity is knocking, will you answer? Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this great new program we have launched, we're grateful for your support and interest.